Parking lot striping and pavement marking are more than an afterthought – they’re essential to your parking lot’s safety and aesthetic appearance.

Today, your striping and markings are just as important to H & G Paving Contractors as the construction. Whether giving your existing lines a fresh coat or completely redesigning your traffic flow, we offer a full array of customized pavement markings and parking lot striping to help keep your surface looking great, ADA compliant, and safe for vehicles and pedestrians.

Request a free estimate today for your next parking lot maintenance project, or contact us to learn more about our decades of experience in parking lot striping and pavement markings. We provide parking lot striping across Oklahoma,

Parking lot striping that is clean, sharp, and fresh is a great way to keep the exterior of your business looking amazing and inviting to guests to your Tulsa location. Many companies overlook this area as a way to instantly attract customers to their business. When people see that you invest in the outer appearance of your parking area, know that you are a serious business owner.

Also when your parking is well maintained, you are providing safety for all visitors to our business parking area or parking garage. When people know the flow of traffic, and where to park or not to park their vehicle everyone stays safe.

Providing quality striping is very important for the integrity of our company. We pride ourselves in painting the straightest lines in all of Oklahoma. We use the highest quality parking lot paint that is traffic grade so that it will last and protect your investment.

The paint will apply evenly, and we ensure all stripes are uniform in width, height, and color. We know based on experience an having many parking lot striping jobs under our belt that using the best quality materials and equipment will ensure a successful outcome every time.

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