With a fleet of modern asphalt milling machines, H & G Paving Contractors provides this service to many clients throughout our region. Prior to the placement of a new asphalt surface, our milling crews pay special attention to detail while preparing the underlying pavement. Our machines are also capable of milling full depth sections of asphalt pavements and reclaiming this material to be recycled in new asphalt pavements. H & G Paving Contractors milling team is committed to providing this fast and reliable service to our clients

Cold milling (also known as rotomilling or cold planing) is the controlled removal of asphalt or concrete pavement to a desired depth. Using our especially-designed equipment, we can restore a surface to a predicted grade and slope. The asphalt picked up during the milling process can conveniently be recycled for use on the same job or on future projects.

Cold milling can solve road deterioration problems like ruts and unstable asphalt, poor skid resistance, bonding quality, poor pavement profile and over-asphalted streets. The process results in a textured surface which can be used immediately as a driving surface or can be further treated with another asphalt recycling method.

This process can be used to remove maintenance material and surface flaws to prepare the surface for an overlay. It can also roughen or texture pavements to restore or improve friction to a paved surface that’s become smooth over time. Our Machines are capable of milling 1 to 15 feet wide in a single pass.